Feeling Punchy

Feeling Punchy
At a time of year that is full of traditions, it can be hard to keep your festivities interesting and fun for all members of the family. It’s important to keep it current, yet still savor that nostalgic feeling during the holidays. Well, we’ve got your solution: punch! Just like all good antiquities, your favorite party drink is making a comeback.

There’s a reason you’re seeing this drink regularly now on restaurant menus and specialty cocktail boards—it’s delicious! With infinite combinations, flavors, and colors, punch is the way to go at your next event for a few reasons:

  • It’s an eye catcher: head to Pinterest to see how beautiful punches can be! You hardly need any other décor to make your table pop.
  • It’s easy: guests can serve themselves and easily come back for refills.
  • You don’t need fancy gear: use your summertime lemonade dispenser, your ceramic mixing bowl, or even a few wide mouthed vases or jars to present and serve. If you’re into the classic display, punch bowl sets are available at most home goods stores, and make for a great gift, too.
  • It can be N/A friendly: having both adults and kids? Leave the booze out of the punch bowl, and let the adults add it to their own glasses. Have some fun with your adult guests by modifying a measuring cup to read “levels of punchiness” instead of ounces as they fill their glass.
  • There is no recipe: okay, well there are plenty of recipes, but they can all be modified to your own (or your guests’) palate. Here’s a classic version from the ever-reliable, Alton Brown.
  • It’s an automatic full bar: what about your guests who want a plain old mixed drink? Well, you were smart and have a little left over of everything you put in your punch. Pick up a bottle of red and a bottle of white and you’ve probably covered all of your guests’ drinking preferences.

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