Did you see our feature on Savadate’s blog about how to think creatively about your events? Well, all that talk about inspiration… inspired us to dig deeper. Where do we get all those great ideas?

Many of our original tips rely on referencing various websites, but the truth is that our best ideas and most creative thoughts come not when we’re scrolling through an everlasting page of Pins, but afterwards, at some random time. Sure, those images and articles help to create a backlog of concepts, but our greatest ideas don’t happen in front of our computers: rather, when we’re cooking dinner, brushing our teeth, or reading a book.

The “Bored and Brilliant Project” on the New Tech City Podcast from WNYC explores this notion: it challenges listeners to detach from their phones for one week, and consider any changes in their creative thought process. The project stems from a study that has shown a correlation between boredom and increased creativity. We’ve certainly experienced this trend first hand; if you haven’t, it might be time to test the waters.

So, where to start? We found an excellent round up of tips from Apartment Therapy. Their article focuses on changing the scenery, taking up a new hobby, and deliberately giving your mind a break from the constant struggle of forcing an innovative thought. Sounds nice, right?

As the saying goes, it’s all in moderation. Taking a break from Pinterest doesn’t mean you can’t still find inspiration there. Letting your mind wander and actively pursuing inspiration online are not mutually exclusive; it’s a clever balance between rest and stimulation. So get up from your desk and go for walk. Who knows what you’ll think of next!

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