TED Throws a Tea Party!

You know when you’re sitting in the office on a Tuesday afternoon and you dreamily say out loud, “How cool would it be if we threw a tea party for all of our friends and clients!”?

…No? Happens to us all the time. Back in early June it seemed like the perfect way to cap off a successful event season, showcase our creativity, and have a little fun along the way. So, here’s how we did it:

The Tea Party Theme

Teapot Floral Arrangements

Teapots from home made these simple floral arrangements pop! These are the kinds of things that people remember long after your event.

Themes can be tough; we really wanted to showcase our new logo and color, but we also wanted it to feel fun and tea-like without going too crazy. As a result, we landed right in the middle: we instructed our guests to wear hats and pearls, bought party supplies in our awesome new color, and brought that final hint of “tea partiness” with real china tea cups, linens, etc. As an added bonus, Joseph Richard Florals created beautiful centerpieces with mixed-and-matched tea pots from home.

The Food

Ricotta and jam toast

The ricotta and jam toast was delicious! In the background: the best gluten free scones ever. In the foreground: Rose’s famous biscotti.

As we were both the host and the planner, we knew we had to be smart about where we were spending our time and money. So instead of experimenting with crumpet recipes at home, we asked Mkt North to cater! They brought both traditional and modern takes on tea party finger food, which our guests enthusiastically enjoyed. We asked ahead about serving platters, so all we had to do was transfer everything onto our china, and we were good to go!

The Drinks

Tea Party Drink Station

Our drink station, complete with tea cups, hot water, tea, milk, and much more! Our guests really appreciated the many options.

We obviously had to have tea, but we really wanted make the selection special. We brewed hot black tea ahead of time, but also had a variety of other teas and herbal infusions available, as well as iced tea. We provided ample “fixin’s”: fancy sugar cubes, simple syrup, whole milk, honey, lemons, and soy milk. It was an easy way to make our simple tea party feel a little more luxurious for our guests. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to go that extra mile. (The prosecco punch didn’t hurt, either!)

The Party

Charlotte, Rose, and Ben in their hats

We had a blast at our own party! From left to right: Charlotte, Rose, and Benedetta.

Some parties require additional activities to make guests feel engaged, but not this one! Immediately our guests loved seeing their coworkers and friends in over-sized hats and pearls. The format was laid back and whimsical, perfect for casual conversation and introductions. We had extra hats out for those who came without, which added to the excitement. As guests left, we gave them each a gerbera daisy, a beautiful way for them bring some of the party cheer home (or back to the office) with them.

Daisies to go

Our parting gift: bright and cheery gerbera daisies!

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