Spice it Up! 4 New Party Ideas

Happy October!

Event season is among us, and before you know it you’ll be planning holiday parties, family gatherings, and employee appreciation events. So, let’s (pumpkin) spice it up a little. Your guests will thank you!


Arthur Avenue Wood Fired Pizza at Wartburg’s Fall Festival, September 2016.

1. Truck it

By now you’ve certainly enjoyed something delicious from a food truck in the area, but you may not have thought about hiring them for your party! Usually the price is well worth it once you’re over 20 or 30 people. Not only does a truck change the food and the overall vibe, but it gives you a reason to change venues– consider using your office parking lot or a local park. It’s also a great way to enjoy the change in season.

Need some suggestions for area food trucks? Call or email and we’ll be happy to provide you with a list or make the introduction.


2. Go to the Alamo!


Photo credit: Nick Simonite via amny.com

If you haven’t experienced this amazing movie theater yet, it’s time you give it a go! Alamo Drafthouse is not just a movie theater; they provide a full dinner menu with waiter service during the movie. With tons of beers to choose from—not to mention excellent popcorn—this is a great place to party! You can rent their theaters for private parties, and their smallest theater seats 24. Packages are extremely reasonable, especially at “off peak” movie times. There are tons of customization options, too, to make your movie experience even more interactive and fun.

No, we did not receive any endorsement for this… we just really love the Alamo!


Rose and her famous mushrooms!

3. Throw a Cooking Party

We recommend this not just because we love food, but because it’s as much a family-fun activity as it is a team building or networking activity. There are a variety of companies that offer such services, and packages typically include some kind of instruction, followed by dividing your guests up into teams, and then cooking for one another. Of course, the day ends with eating a delicious meal!




4. The Party that Keeps on Giving


A fun day with the team! May 2015.

There are tons of nonprofits in the area that offer days of service, or other group events centered on giving back. It’s an easy way to bring employees or family together, while still having fun. Consider volunteering at local animal shelter to help care for cute animals or helping Habitat for Humanity build a home! End the day with a picnic lunch or catered meal to celebrate your accomplishments. It’s a feel-good day, and a refreshing break from the pressures of planning “the best holiday party” ever.

We’ve got a long list of nonprofits that would love your help! Give us a ring if you want to learn more.

So, here’s to a successful event season!

Wishing you a happy, festive fall.

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