Five “Major Keys” to Planning An Event

One of the newest crazes on social media is the phrase, “major key”. Created by DJ Khaled, and used commonly on his Instagram and Twitter accounts, this phrase has spread worldwide when people describe things as necessary, using an emoji “key” symbol. “Major Key” has become a popular trend and here at The Event Department, we have decided to share 5 “Major Keys” to Planning a Successful Event!




Have you ever heard someone say, “It’s all about who you know?” Well, as event planners, we like this phrase. We aren’t advising you to mooch off your friends, but rather… USE YOUR CONNECTIONS! Got friends? Call them. Know some vendors? Reach out! Friendships go a long way in the industry, and in life! Incorporating this sense of community within your event will make it more enjoyable, friendly and fun!



Promote your event well in advance! Stay on top of your timeline ensuring that you advertise your event among your community, professional network, associates, friends and family. Create an organized e-mail list with contacts that you hope will attend! Send e-mail blasts to remind your contacts, while also generating Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts! Also, send out those Save-The-Dates well in advance, allowing your guests to mark their calendars! Promoting your event is major key!



Another major key in planning your special event is staying organized! How else can things get done if you don’t stick to your timeline, budget and goals?! Making monthly, weekly and daily lists for yourself will help keep you on track! Our motto here at TED is, “LISTS, LISTS, LISTS!



It’s all in the details! Leave your guests remembering even the tiniest of details. A lot of the time, guests aren’t going to remember the larger stresses that you spent your time worrying about. But rather, they are going to remember the small, personal touches that they can appreciate you thought about including in your event. Whether this is through creating personalized notes, quotes that pertain to your event’s theme, or party favors… These are the little details that guests will remember.



Once the day of your event has arrived, it will be gone in the blink of an eye! You have spent countless months networking, promoting, organizing, and finalizing the smallest details of your event. Trust that all of your pre-event efforts will not go to waste and simply, ENJOY YOUR EVENT. Trust in your planners, trust in your staff, trust in the time and energy you put into this! You have worked so hard just to get to this point! If you complete all of the nitty-gritty work beforehand, you are setting yourself up for success. Enjoy your creation. Enjoy your celebration!



We hope that these five,“Major Keys” help guide you in creating an event to remember! Then again, celebrations themselves are “major key”.


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