Our Logo: The Meaning

We know it’s cute and all… But did you ever wonder what our logo here at The Event Department REALLY means?

There are many different meanings associated with our logo.  Some say the triskle represents the creation of change; dynamic energy; and power. Other say it represents the various phases of motherhood; a symbol for woman and her many aspects:

  • Maiden in her innocence and pure state
  • Mother in her compassion and nurturing state
  • Crone in her wise and experienced state

The Event Department, founded nineteen years ago, has always an entirely female staff.  Multiple women have gained substantial work experience, made connections and gained independence while working at The Event Department. Whether starting off as an intern in college, or working full-time post graduate, or even working part-time while juggling kids and a family, our staff has encompassed women in all of these three phases of growth.

To us, the logo inspires:

  • personal growth
  • human development
  • spiritual expansion

At The Event Department, this is what we stand for. We value and admire the process of moving forward, growth and expansion. Since we love helping our clients grow through the events we help them create, and develop into something much larger than they had ever dreamed of, it is important that we value our growth as a company, as well. We find joy in expanding our knowledge, networking, maintaining relationships with our clients and meeting new people along the way. We have BIG goals for 2018; Stay tuned!


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