The Westchester Women’s Summit (WWS) is a full day program that brings together inspiring women to share tools, knowledge and community with each other. At WWS, you will be able to learn from experts, network with changemakers and feel empowered to create positive change – in yourself and in your community. This unique and challenging conference is a place for self-discovery and growth, where women will support each other in a judge-free zone. It is a place to find balance and direction; a place to make and find goals.


  • Individuals looking to make a personal or professional change in their lives
  • Scholars who want to learn about and share experience
  • Companies interested in offering professional and personal development to their female employees
  • Those interested in making positive social change, as well as gaining knowledge, skills and friends while becoming more useful in their communities
  • Company leaders who want to improve skills, meet new people and exchange ideas


The day begins with music, a light breakfast (underwriting opportunity) and a dramatic spotlight — the “I am” presentation. Three-to-five individuals will set the tone for the day in this spotlight. The segment will address something about each of them but more importantly will raise questions of what they (and we) are thinking about, concerned with and fearful of. The morning will also feature a keynote presentation. During the day, attendees will tour our Discovery Village and participate in a series of workshops and panels.

The Discover Village Exhibitor Displays (underwriting opportunity) Featuring not-for-profit organizations, government agencies and departments as well as companies promoting goods services and programs for women. Attendees will have interactive opportunities to get massages, makeovers and network for mentors.

Lunch (underwriting opportunity) includes a Women Trailblazer/MAD Panel, to stimulate conversation, followed by more workshops, panels and breakout sessions.

The day ends with a fun Women, Wine & Chocolate event (underwriting opportunity) where all are invited to gather, sip, shop and support each other in a social environment. The reception will feature boutique shopping as well as a wine and chocolate tasting, bringing everyone together to celebrate a successful day.

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