Rethink your Summer Party!

Welcome to our blog! We are so excited to be able to share our experiences, suggestions, and findings with you as we explore everything from tools for planning and pitfalls to avoid, to raising money and building your audience. Our goal is to provide more than just hacks and tips: we hope to inspire with self-empowering anecdotes and opportunities. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s start things off with something on everyone’s mind: summer entertaining.

Cool-off Corner

Whether you are hosting a large party or a small get-together, a daytime outdoor event can always benefit from a Cool-off Corner. Here’s how to make your own:

  • Pick a naturally shady spot, or make one with a large umbrella or tent
  • Comfort is key: place chairs and a small table in the shade, add beach towels or pillows
  • Stock it up: provide sunscreen, paper fans, and ice water or lemonade (for a twist: make homemade refreshing fruit popsicles and store in a small cooler)
  • Let them know it’s there: simple signage goes a long way, chalk arrows or footprints help to guide your guests

Perfect Pails

Perfect Pails
Nothing quite says “summer fun” like brightly colored beach pails! One of the best accessories for an outdoor party, these festive toys can add colorful décor to your event while being multifunctional.

  • Serving bowls: throw chips and pretzels in, or store canned or bottled beverages over ice
  • Goody bags or giveaways: sending guests home with a gift or even leftovers? Wrap it up in a pail!
  • Energize your entertainment: If you need some impromptu backyard games, pails can easily become makeshift goals posts, penny catchers, and much more!
  • If you’re a guest, beach pails make a great gift! Add some icepacks and fill it with the hosts favorite wine or beer. Or make it a beach necessities basket with sunscreen, magazines, aloe, and chapstick.


Got the perfect pair of shoes but nervous about sinking into the grass? Meet Solemates. These little guys are great for any outdoor event, from graduations and ball games, to cocktail parties and BBQs. Just slip these onto your heels and voila! No more sinking!

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