Here at Cappa Crucy, October is our busiest month of the year. To complete everything that needs to get done for a successful event, we need to multitask! But is multitasking beneficial or even possible?

Many studies, such those described by Dr. Jim Taylor here, say that multitasking is less productive than people like to believe. This is because it is impossible for the human brain to preform two similar activities at the same time (such as talking on the phone and writing an email). When most people think they are multitasking, they are, in fact, serial tasking: going from one task to another. When transitioning from one task to the next, it takes a few seconds for your brain to switch gears, taking away time and focus from the higher priority tasks.

MultitaskingTo help avoid the trap of one person serial tasking, we have a great team work system here at Cappa Crucy. While we can’t multitask as individuals, as a company, we can. Each of us chooses a particular task to work on toward each event that best fits with our skill sets. Our clients get the benefit of three minds instead of one, and we are able to work quickly, and efficiently.

Sometimes people ask us how such a small company can accomplish so much. Well every Monday, we make a comprehensive to-do list, and each day we have our own to-do lists. We prioritize the work that needs to be done first, while leaving room for phone calls and emails from clients. We are in constant communication with each other so nothing falls through the cracks. Our advice to you is that team work is the only way to truly multitask!

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