The Art of Dinner by the Bite

Everyone loves good food; being able to enjoy delicious treats while amongst good company is essential to any successful event. We are big foodies here at Cappa Crucy; we have daily lunch count downs and look forward to the occasional celebratory lunches. Bottom line: we take food seriously.

One of our personal favorite styles of serving food at an event is Dinner by the Bite. This involves an extended cocktail hour that includes more substantial food choices than hors d’oeuvres alone; allowing the guests to have a longer period of time to mingle outside of their assigned tables. The extra unstructured time is always appreciated whether it is a networking reception or a social get together.

Here are some ways you can incorporate Dinner by the Bite into your next event:

  • Simultaneously offer passed hors d’oeuvres and a carving station (or other heavy food)
  • Offer stations only, which can be staffed or self-serve
  • Restaurant Showcase: local restaurants provide the tastings, whether it is stationary or passed
  • Follow dinner with a passed or buffet-style dessert, which is great with a lively program
  • Follow it with a sit down dessert during a program as an incentive for guests to be seated (and pay attention)

The best form of Dinner by the Bite for your event will depend on the size and the nature of your event. Is it more formal? Maybe all stations and a plated dessert is best. Is it a more laid back? A Restaurant Showcase might be better.

Contact us for more Dinner by the Bite ideas! Share your successful Dinner by the Bite stories or ideas with the #CappyCrucyCOmmentary on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter or comment below!

Dinner by the Bite

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